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What Perfume Should I WearFirst things first, if you ask someone “what perfume should I wear” then you’re not being true to yourself. My signature scent may not (no, won’t be) the same as yours or maybe anyone you know.

That’s a conversation I literally just had with my best friend. I’ll let you in on another secret, too, in just a minute.

It’s not only proven that everyone’s body oils and chemical makeup alters a perfumes smell, but we all perceive those smells differently, too.

So that means that if you rely on someone else to tell you what perfume or cologne you should wear you might end up smelling anything but your best. Trust me on this… you will never know what smells good on you until you get them on you.

Forget the fragrance or perfume quiz hoaxes… it sounds great to classify us into little boxes of smells based on personality types or traits, but the real world doesn’t work that way.  That’s a good way to spend a lot of money or smell like Aunt Gertrude.

Finding your signature scent is the holy grail, right? It’s what we’re all looking for, both men and women. And even though my passion is healthy, glowing and acne-free skin, smelling good is something we all want.

What About Perfume Testers Or Samples?

Fake Perfume Testers and Samples Crime Scene TapeThere are websites online that sell lots of perfume testers and samples, and some of them dirt cheap. The problem is, many of them are fakes and knock offs that don’t smell like the real thing.

Or maybe even worse, they’ve sat in an over-heated warehouse somewhere for years and now smell nothing at all like they were intended… it happens more than you might think.

It goes like this. You buy lots of perfume testers and samples hoping to save some money while on the hunt for your signature scent. You think you’ve finally found “the perfect perfume” based on those samplers and so you plop down $100 for a bottle of the real thing.

You get “the one” home and within a few days of trying it…. ewww, it doesn’t smell anything like what you thought it would based on those samples, and now you’ve got $50 in samples and another $100 in a bad pick down the drain.

And still no signature scent to be found.

So What Perfume Should I Wear?

The answer is simpler than you think it is, and surprisingly none of my friends knew about it either until I told them. How can it be so secret when Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, InStyle, Inc., and many others have written about it?

Well, that’s why I’m here and it’s why I became affiliated with them. It’s called Scentbird and… you’re welcome. LOL

There’s not much more to say other than they have about every perfume imaginable and you get fresh and authentic personal-size bottles (not those tiny sampler size) sent to you every month for $14.95 (sale ongoing as of writing). See the bottle size and cool bottle case here.

Yes, you get to pick and choose from hundreds of the top fragrances, even the newest hottest ones!

It may take some time to try them all, but this is the best way to get “real, authentic” perfumes and in a size that lets you use them all month. And the gorgeous little perfume case is a bonus.

Why marry a perfume before you’ve had a chance to date it?

I haven’t met a woman yet who wasn’t thrilled with the idea of getting the latest, newest and freshest perfumes to use every month while they search for their Signature Scent (or a new one).

And yes, Scentbird has all of the top men’s colognes as well so if you’re wanting to get the perfect gift for a guy you love this will be both unique and loved!

Trust me… there flat out isn’t any other way to get real, top perfumes sent to your like this every month for a few dollars. Period.

Some of my friends love Scentbird because they can now easily just use a different perfume all the time without breaking the bank, or smelling the same month after month.

Oh, and that other secret I was going to let you in on… did you know that when you wear a good perfume that it lifts your mood, and the mood of those around you? It’s true, even at work & school when we need it the most. The right perfume is very powerful!

There’s nothing like this anywhere and no better time than now to find out why everyone’s raving about ScentBird.

Click here and let’s go… see you there!
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